Friday, December 10, 2010

Cream Cheese Smoked Bacon Apple Dip

Freeze your favorite dip in your favorite mold and create a centerpiece! 
Best if dip is thick (use cream cheese). 

The recipe for this is a combination of the Apple Blue Cheese Bacon Dip recipe (below the pumpkin cheese cake post) . . . it is an example of how to turn an accident into something savory!

I over-baked the recipe below (forgot to set the alarm) and it ended up with a burnt crust all around it.  So, because I needed it for Thanksgiving, I scraped out the inside (which was not burnt and tasted delicious, but strong) and added it to 16 oz. of softened cream cheese in my mixer.  I whipped it together and then scooped it into my Flexipan Tray.

I froze the cream cheese mixture in the Charlotte Tray (one of my favorites!); once they were frozen, I popped them out and re-wrapped them in plastic wrap and placed them back in the freezer; now I have eight appetizers ready for the holiday season!

Thaw on counter (in serving dish) for at least an hour before serving . . .

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