Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Demarle at Home Opportunity

Tired of working for someone else? Need to start saving for your child's college fund, or retirement? Feel like earning a luxurious vacation for you and your spouse? Want to feel inspired again? Experience the difference Demarle at Home can make in your life both personally and professionally. You can't put a price on financial freedom, personal fulfillment, and being your own boss...but if you could, $149.95 would be a great start!

Sign up to be a Demarle at Home Representative and receive your new Business Kit for only $149.95! We know there's no reason you can't have what you want in this life. When you work, you should be rewarded. And you should be passionate about your job; we want you to wake up excited to work every day. Let us meet your needs with this business in a box, and let us help you entice your friends into the kitchen with the aromas of Demarle in the Kitchen food products! They'll want to join your team too. It's all about the experience we create together. Simple cooking...spectacular results! Everyone will want to be a part of what YOU are doing!

Click here to watch our Mission Video and to learn more about the incredible opportunity that awaits you!

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