Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Cake for "BaBa"

I've always been intimidated of decorating birthday cakes since my mom decorates the most gorgeous wedding cakes, but this time, I thought I'd do my best and let the kids do the rest! So this is how it started . . . ideally, I would have made it from scratch, but since this was a last-minute rush to finish a cake during MeiLan's nap time, I used ready ingredients. Next time, it will all be from scratch . . . right?
I used two chocolate cake mixes and baked each one in the Large Round Mold - this was overkill! Next time, I'll do one cake mix and split it between two Medium Round Molds.

Strawberry Cream Cheese filling - a blend of cream cheese and strawberry preserves - simple!!

With our molds, you do not need to crumb frost! Your cake comes out of the pan with a natural glaze where the sugars have caramelized - this makes life so simple!

Look for our new pastry bag and tips coming into our new catalog this summer!

Then, I let the kids go to town! What fun! And "BaBa" (Daddy), absolutely loved it! You could taste the love baked right in!

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