Tuesday, February 24, 2009

35 Ways to Use Your Roul'Pat

1. Roll out pie dough
2. Roll out and cut cookie dough or biscuits
3. Knead bread
4. Baste sauce on chicken before grilling
5. Fill tortillas for enchiladas
6. Make sandwiches
7. Lay in sink and wash fine china
8. Surface for decoupage and other gluing projects
9. Cool and shape candy
10. Surface for fixing things with small parts
11. Dry fruit leather
12. Lay hand-washed dishes on to dry
13. Bead projects (beads won’t roll)
14. Play dough or modeling clay fun
15. Placemat for two on a picnic table at the park.
16. Pat out pizza dough
17. Surface for turning out jelly roll, then rolling it up to cool.
18. Finger-painting
19. Tiny scrapbook projects
20. Roll out and cut cinnamon rolls (use dental floss)
21. Dip and cool strawberries in chocolate
22. Roll and shape Parmesan crusts
23. Dry herbs
24. Cool fresh-baked cookies
25. Crush cornflakes and Oreo cookies for crumbs
26. Dry bread cubes for stuffing
27. Work a jigsaw puzzle, then roll up until ready to work it again
28. Set canning jars on to fill and set hot canning jars on to cool
29. Play surface for small toys, i.e. Lego’s, blocks, and cars
30. Press flowers
31. Place under child’s mixing bowl for less slippage and easy clean up
32. Surface to build appetizers on
33. Surface to set rosettes made from icing for cake decorating
34. Clean cover to protect food from bugs at a picnic
35. Surface for spelling or math practice using washable markers

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