Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is IT?

IT has been used by professional chefs internationally for over 30 years, in over 100 countries. IT is truly unique – the ONLY flexible bake ware in the industry designed with the perfect combination of woven glass and food grade silicone, an absolute must for unmolding and browning. IT is totally nonstick, and requires no grease, no oil, and no spray because nothing sticks to IT! Clean up is a breeze, allowing you to cook healthier and clean up quickly and easily. IT is the silicon bake ware the others are trying to copy. IT is the patented Silpat® nonstick baking sheet manufactured by Demarle! You may have seen Martha Stewart bake cookies on it, but did you know there are also nonstick flexible molds called Flexipan®? Most likely, you’ve already eaten products baked in the Flexipan®…Subway bakes their bread in them and the Cheesecake Factory makes those yummy cheesecakes in them! Now YOU can have professional results with little effort. Make any entrée, side dish, or dessert with ease and simplicity.

How do you get IT?

Join My Team! Ask me for more information. There are approximately 4000 Representatives in the United States, making this a Ground-Floor business opportunity!

Have a Rendez-vous Home Demonstration! Hosting is Simple! Friends, food, shopping and FUN are what Demarle at Home is all about! Be the first to show your friends this awesome product AND receive FREE and discounted product with Demarle’s Host Rewards.

Place an Order! You may place a catalog order with me at any time – you don’t need to wait for a home party! (My contact info is below.)

Share this information with a friend! Who do you know that wants to make their dinner hours less stressful in the kitchen? Is there someone who needs to make some extra income alongside their family and other activities? Please pass along the opportunity and Share this information with a friend. Ask me about my referral program . . .

Help Wanted!!!
Demarle is a new company to the US home market and we need more REPS! We have about 4000 in the entire US! Have you wanted to work your own hours? Make what you want? Looking for that ground floor business opportunity with a unique product? Do you want to make an extra $500, $1000 or even $5000 a month? Or just make the car payment? Your dreams can come true with a Demarle At Home Business! It is $149.95 for the Demarle Business Kit -- a $350 value.

View our online catalog at , then call or email me (you can also place your order online). My contact information is:

Heather M. Wang

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